Micro-blading offered ...This is the newest technique in temporary brows, because it is more of a surface skin procedure
 it  will need a perfection  touch-up !

 4-6 weeks  after the original appointment.
You can count on a once a year visit to refresh color.

Traditional brow implantation is a deeper  longer lasting procedure, I always recommend a perfection touch-up
4-6 wks later but this procedure can last for years before needing a refresher..

My  choice is usually to include a bit of both techniques  for each client..

concerns and goals are discussed before hand to make sure that the end result is what is best for your lifestyle ..

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                    Abby N. Charpentier
Many women have been thinking about improving their lives and looks for years and waiting to go to someone they can count on..now you can !
  It is a game changer..


      Permanent Makeup 
             by Design

Looking for the Perfect home base here..
 Should be settled by April, stay tuned....
Till then ,

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Hi Everyone

I just got back from my first trip home to Colorado !!

It was so successful that I extended my trip an extra week !

I am going to plan on coming home again in June,,

You girls that are due for a refresher, start planning.

spaces will again be limited..

I have also decided to take on new appointments after consultation of what is needed.

The best way to stay in the loop is to email me. this will keep you updated on my schedule.