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 Abby, I just got back from visiting my mom and her eyebrows look fantastic! Everyone who sees them are disappointed that she didn't get them done around here!"


"Abby, Just a quick note to THANK YOU for my beautiful eyebrows! I hope you know how
 much I appreciate the opportunity."


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Before and After Eyeliner
Before and after Brows
Before and after multiple Procedures .
Lips immediately after.. will loose 30% - 50% color  when healed

Mary Oneal
Today at 2:53pm.

I just wanted to say thanks to you Abby N. Charpentier for my beautiful eyebrows and liner and lips that you created for me there are wonderful i thank you for your Amazing work...I totally Love them...I would suggest to All you Ladys to get to her fast her time is so filling up she is wonderful

Vogue Laser Clinic and Abby Charpentier ( permanent makeup) are awesome!!!My experience was painless and how nice to wake up to a beautiful me. Susan Pitner
Angela Snyder — 5 star Abby, thank you so much for doing an incredible job with my eyebrows! I am blown away with how great they look!!! You're amazing!
Kim  Redmond — 5 star
I love my eyeliner, lips and my eyebrows !!! Abby Charpentier is a pro in everyway making sure your at ease the whole time!! Always making sure your not feeling any discomfort !!!! I have my friends asking all the time who did my permanent makeup !!! The Best part is never having to put makeup on if I don't want to!!! 
 Thank you, for caring as much as you do to make everything perfect so Thank you again, Abby Charpentier and Vogue Laser Clinic wouldn't go any other place!!!!!!!!
 Very Happy Girl!!!!
Wanted to share a great comment from another great, and happy client

 Kate G.
 Dec 13th, 7:11am
 Thank you Abby, great to have brows again. Awesome environment, awesome staff!!!

Vogue Laser Clinic

January 19 at 10:15am · 

So proud of this comment we got from a client. 

 I lost an eyebrow due to anesthesia during surgery. After months of trying to paint it on, I found Abby and the Vogue Laser Clinic. Now I have beautiful, uniform eyebrows. The first application looked great, but the touch up which is included made my eyebrows fabulous. Abby’s expertise was obvious, but the time and care she took making everything look so natural touched my heart. Lately, every time I look in the mirror and I do a double take because I love my new eyebrows. Just had to say thanks Abby!

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dd tex
Immediately after,,lightens about 30% with full healing